Enjoy your stay in historic surroundings

Originally built in the 1600’s the Le Strange Arms Hotel started life as a traditional Norfolk farm house.

The main body of the hotel was completed in the 1800’s, just in time to be part of the area of Hunstanton’s transformation from small sleepy Norfolk town to booming sea-side holiday destination - all thanks to the ideas of an architect named Henry L’Estrange Styleman Le Strange, after whom the hotel is named.

Le Strange realised that people enjoyed travelling from the cities to enjoy the sea air and a stroll along the sandy beach, and he set about ensuring that Hunstanton was firmly on the map for the holidaying aristocrats. The coming of the railway only helped cement Le Strange’s vision, and soon the town was blooming as a popular seaside resort.

Whole families would come from cities for the summer – the men went to work in London, whilst their families stayed by the sea. Even the servants would join them, and used to dine with the hotel staff!

During World War Two, the hotel was used to house much of the air force, offering a location for rest and recuperation after battle. This military connection continued after the war, when the hotel played host to lots of American service people, and even dealt mainly in dollars.

Since its heyday in Victorian England, Hunstanton continues to attract holiday makers, due to its unspoilt coastline, stunning views and history seeped surroundings. The Le Strange Arms stands as proud as it did in Mr Le Strange’s day, continuing to delight guests, and remains a permanent feature on this stretch of Norfolk coast.