Bird Watching North Norfolk

Birding Paradise: Exploring North Norfolk's Top Sites for Bird Watching

Renowned for its outstanding nature reserves and bird observatories, North Norfolk is the ideal place for avid bird watchers. Grab your pair of binoculars and head to bird paradises such as RSPB Titchwell and Snettisham, Holme Bird Observatory and Pensthorpe Natural Park. Scan your eyes across miles and miles of panoramic grassland in the birdwatching capital of Britain. Get up close with unique, migrating species as they pay a visit to Norfolk’s best observatories and nature reserves.

From Raptors to Waders: Discovering North Norfolk's Diverse Bird Life

North Norfolk is home to some truly unique species of wildlife, in some breathtaking settings. Nestled among the reedbeds, salt marshes and freshwater lagoons resides avocets, bearded tits and marsh harriers. Find seven diverse habitats along RSPB Titchwell’s sandy beaches and lagoons. Guide your telescope or binoculars and scan the sky for migrating birds such as the waders. 

The Best Time to Visit: Seasonal Bird Watching in North Norfolk's Premier Birding Destinations

While bird watching is spectacular whatever the season, Spring and Autumn are prime-time with a surge in migration. Watch as birds of prey parade the sky and as the waders migrate to the Atlantic. Summer is the season to spot redshanks and common sandpipers, bobbing up and down near the water's edge. Geese and ducks dominate the Autumn skies as they return for the winter seasons, and in the later seasons, pink-footed geese arrive from icelantic breeding grounds. Full of breathtaking sights of unique species, a visit to North Norfolk’s nature reserves and observatories is the ideal way to explore the rich wildlife the region has to offer.

RSPB Titchwell  »

Wings over North Norfolk: A Bird Watcher's Guide to RSPB Titchwell.

Holme Bird Observatory  »

Holme Bird Observatory is one of only 18 in the UK, with over 50 unique species of flora and home to over 320 species of birds. With recording taking place daily, the seven acre site is often bristling with wildlife.

RSPB Snettisham  »

The Wader Spectacular at RSPB Snettisham is one of the highlights on the birding calendar, where thousands of wading birds take flight as the tide pushes them off the mudflats. This event does not happen everyday, so for passionate birdwatchers make sure you keep an eye on Snettisham Dates and Times Guide.

Scolt Head Island  »

Scolt Head Island is the prime example of an offshore barrier island in the UK. It is situated on a very dynamic coastline and is steadily growing westward