Norfolk has such a variety of wildlife habitats. The ancient woodlands, chalk rivers, fens, broads, farmland, marshes, wetland and sandy beaches means the area is home to many fish, birds and mammals.

Norfolk is a haven for wildlife and you will be spoilt for choices all within a short drive of the hotel.



Wild Ken Hill  »

Wild Ken Hill, home of BBC Springwatch, has become famed for its wonderful wildlife. They offer a wide range of fun and engaging experiences in nature. If you fancy getting out on foot then you’ll love the guided walks available, allowing you to learn more about beavers, butterflies, bats and regeneration to name a few. For a more hands-on experience, Wild Ken Hill, offer a number of workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics.

Pensthorpe Natural Park  »

For a day out immersed in wildlife, head over to Pensthorpe to explore a journey into nature. The park is packed with activities and things to do for all ages – nature reserves, gardens, family fun area, walks, trails and so much more. Continually voted as one of the best attractions in the region, Pensthorpe is a day out, not to be missed.

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve  »

Norfolk also has its own award-winning wildlife safari Watatunga. Set in 170 acres of woodland, grassland and lakes, the safari gives you the opportunity to learn more about the conservation work to support endangered deer and antelope. As for the safari tours, you can explore via buggy or trailer depending on your preference. Or if you are feeling adventurous there are some additional experiences which include photography and BBQ’s.

Norfolk Seals  »

A trip to Norfolk wouldn’t be complete without seeing the captivating seal colonies. Just along the coast Blakeney is the ideal spot to get your glimpse of seal colonies off the North Norfolk Coast. Regular boat trips run from Morston and Blakeney Harbour, out to Blakeney Point where you will experience the beauty of nature – and it isn’t just seals you’ll see on that trip!